Friday, July 11, 2014

Be Still My Heart

This guy...

These eyes.  Oh, these blue, blue eyes...

This head tilt when he's being a flirt...

The smile and the way it lights up the world...

The faces, the funny, ornery faces...

The it even legal to have this much adorableness in one tiny package?!

Oh, the way he looks up at me (or in this case his big brother)...
These eyes, these blue, blue eyes.
I know.
I already mentioned the eyes.
Be Still My Heart.
These eyes.

This guy...
He melts me.
He stops me in my tracks.
He reminds me to cherish every moment.
He makes me fall to my knees in thanksgiving, so thankful for another little one.
He brings me such joy.  Unspeakable joy...just as his siblings did and still do.
He causes me to neglect my blog and just about everything else because really...
all I want to do all day is hold him
and stare at him
and snuggle with him
and treasure every moment.

In a blink, he'll be taller than me.

HOW is he ten months already????

(all pics courtesy of big brother, Rock...check out more of his photography at


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    1. Love you too...can't believe the last time I saw you was almost a year ago when Fin was still baking.